One Vital Component to Doggie’s Health: 15 Reasons Why This One Ingredient Will Change Doggie’s Life

The vital component?  Coconut Oil!  Most of the Doggie recipes we create here on include this ingredient.  There is a vast array of benefits to both humans and Doggies and we suggest the use of coconut oil for a healthier and happier Doggie on all counts!  Here is a list of the 15 benefits of incorporating coconut oil into Doggie’s life:

  1. Balance hormone levels

Coconut oil can actually help Doggie balance out her hormones, thanks to the presence of natural Lauric Acid. A number of studies have shown that this acid, along with the saturated fat, has a positive effect on Doggie’s temperament.

  1. A Gorgeous Coat

If you’re worried about Doggie’s dry washed-out coat, coconut oil is the perfect remedy. Ditch the chemical-rich shampoo you bought from the pet store and instead mix coconut oil with a little lavender shampoo and apply as normal. And, once Doggie is washed, try applying coconut oil by itself onto the coat to achieve a conditioning effect.

All the nutrients and minerals within it reach deep within Doggie’s fur, helping it look shiny and healthy for longer.

  1. Combat yeast infections

Yeast infections can be a nightmare for some Doggies. While many will only experience them on rare occasions, for some Doggies, it affects their ears and paws regularly.  Studies have found, however, that Lauric and Capric Acid – both found in coconut oil – have proven an effective form of treatment for candida infections.

Want Doggie to benefit from this effect? A tablespoon of coconut oil, three times a day, during an infection will solve her yeast problem!

  1. Protect Doggie’s heart

These days, heart conditions and high blood pressure for Doggies are more common than ever. Thanks to bad diets and irregular feeding times due to our busy lifestyle, our Doggie’s hearts are under more strain to beat normally and push blood and oxygen through their bodies. However, the healthy cholesterol found in coconut oil – called HDL – helps reduce bad cholesterol – LDL- in Doggie’s body. This keeps her heart healthy, reduces her chances of developing a heart condition, and maintains her blood pressure at healthy levels.

  1. Stop kidney infections

Coconut oil defeats more than just yeast infections, it’s also amazing for kidney infections and UTIs. The medium chain fatty acids found within this oil are antibiotic in nature, meaning that bacteria are killed off when the oil is consumed. Specifically, the oil is able to break down the lipid coating outside of bacteria cells, killing them in the process.

A great way to get this result is for Doggie to drink coconut water. It contains all the acids you need but is hydrating and helps flush out the bacteria as they’re killed.  Not too much though!

  1. Combat inflammation

Inflammation can be a good thing for Doggie, particularly when she has had an injury, but in many cases it’s a hindrance. Inflammation around bones, for instance, causes extreme pain and makes it difficult for Doggie to move. This is the nature of arthritis, and coconut oil can help relieve symptoms. Raw coconut oil can help reduce inflammation all over Doggie’s body largely as a result of the antioxidants found within it, which is quite substantial. Not only that, the effect has been seen to be just as good as inflammation medication sold over the counter.

  1. Boost Doggie’s immune system

Her immune system is what protects Doggie’s body from invading bacteria and viruses, and without it, the simplest of problems can kill her.

The Lauric Acid found within coconuts and coconut oil is known to be extremely effective in killing off bacteria – and, while it doesn’t kill viruses, it is able to create an environment where viruses are unable to thrive in Doggie’s body.

So, by increasing Doggie’s consumption of coconut oil, you can give her immune system a helping hand and start killing off nasty invading bodies.

  1. Protect against cancer

It might sound too good to be true, but it really is true that coconut oil can help protect against some cancers, and even treat it.

Cancerous tumors rely on glucose (sugar) to grow. If you reduce Doggie’s sugar intake and have her consume more healthy fats, Doggie’s body will use ketones to create energy, more so than glucose. This is perfectly good for her body overall, but it does mean that the cells are unable to access as much glucose as before. This helps stop the growth of tumors and can even help people manage their Doggie’s cancer.

Pay attention to the sugar content in Doggie’s food!

  1. Lose weight

Is Doggie a little overweight?  Sure, coconut oil is high in fat, but that doesn’t mean it will make Doggie fat. We’ve known for decades now that coconut oil can actually help with weight loss. The secret behind it lies in the medium chain fatty acids. It’s these fatty acids that help break down adipose cells in Doggie’s body, turning fat into waste for excretion and using what energy there is to keep her going.

Not only that, but the Caprid Acid in the oil helps reduce the resting heart rate and allows Doggie to burn fat more easily.

  1. Manage Doggie’s diabetes

While coconut oil certainly can’t cure diabetes, it can definitely help. Remember that when Doggie’s cells stop responding to insulin, her pancreas will start creating more and more of the substance to try and get the cells to absorb it. With Type II diabetes, this occurs and the insulin is still not absorbed.

However, the medium chain fatty acids in coconut can help maintain normal insulin reactions within cells – as best it can with this condition – and help her body go about digesting food normally. This also reduces the amount of insulin produced by her pancreas, helping improve her condition drastically.

  1. Maintain healthy bones

Osteoperosis is a condition that makes bones brittle and easy to damage. It is something that most Doggies will experience at some level as they get older, but that doesn’t mean we have to simply bow down and accept it. In fact, coconut oil can relieve oxidative stress on bones thanks to its high content of antioxidants.

And, coconut oil can increase Doggie’s bone mass and make them stronger, meaning it’s a great oil to switch to when you’re making Doggie treats and food.

  1. Maintain healthy teeth

Maintaining healthy teeth relies on lots of factors. You not only need to regularly brush and clean your Doggie’s teeth, you also need to ensure she has a healthy diet and reduce the amount of bacteria living in her mouth. Coconut oil helps on two counts – it not only contains the nutritional resources she needs for strong teeth and bones, it also helps cleanse her mouth and remove bacteria, helping reduce the chances of developing gum and periodontal diseases.

Try coconut oil three times a week and see what a huge difference it can make!

  1. Improve Doggie’s digestive system

Doggie’s digestive system and process are extremely complicated. There are so many functions and processes going on that it can be difficult to know what is and isn’t good for her health. Remember, though, that the main point of digestion is the removal of important minerals and vitamins from Doggie’s food. Without this process, the food she eats would be worthless.

Coconut oil contains a great deal of omega-3 fatty acids, which help improve Doggie’s digestion and absorb fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, the antibiotic nature of coconut oil can kill off bad bacteria in Doggie’s stomach

  1. Improve Doggie’s memory

Whether Doggie has trouble with her memory or you just want to ensure Doggie has good brain health, be sure to try coconut oil.

Studies have shown that medium chain fatty acids can improve the memory of older Doggies particularly well. The studies did show that, overall, Doggies benefitted from coconut oil, but it was older participants that had the biggest improvement in brain health

This happens as a result of these fatty acids being easily accessible as a resource by Doggie’s brain.

  1. Increase energy levels

Finally, remember that coconut oil can significantly improve Doggie’s energy levels. The oil and fat are easy to digest and they act as a long-lasting and sustained energy source. To top it off, the oil can also improve her metabolism, helping her burn energy more efficiently.

Medium chain fatty acids within the oil are also sent straight to the liver where they are converted into usable energy.



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